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Hello friends! It seems you have stubled on my homepage.

I am a Graduate Research Assistant at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), University of Maryland-College Park pursuing a PhD in Physics. I am part of the Williams Group (QMDLab) working on low-temperature experiments with topological materials, Josepshson junctions and other devices.


  • October 2019 : New paper up on arXiv link - we explore the non-linear dynamics of Josephson junctions with graphene as the weak-link

  • October 2019 : The paper on understanding sub-band interference in nanowires from undergrad work at IIT Bombay is published in PRB link

  • September 2019 : Our group (QMDLab) demonstrates interesting properties of SnTe - a topological crystalline insulator using the Josephson effect link. I contribute to some of the theoretical understanding of the Josephson effect.

  • January 2019 : The paper on Machine Learning Techniques for state recognition and auto-tuning in quantum dots is finally published in npj-QI link

  • August 2018 : Started grad. school at UMD. Supported by Lanczos graduate fellowship at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) and Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS).

Here’s the course of my life, (also called a CV): Curriculum Vitae and my Google Scholar profile.

I am interested in all things quantum, especially in building quantum computers. Besides, I like to program (computers!) and build things. My hobbies inlcude being a avid movie watcher, playing board games and the violin. I also like to travel and to move around on the planet.

If I am not working, you can find me reading history or poetry, playing Age of Empires, watching critical movie or begin lost in classical music.

This is what generally happens to me all the time! Nerd Snipping (xkcd: Nerd snipping)